Ways to Work With Me

I'm on fire to work with artists at the beginning of their careers who want to develop their art style as well as a business or career that will bring in consistent income.  I provide accountability, support, and a safe space to go from talking about your wildest dreams, to dealing with roadblocks that appear in your path.  See below for some ways to work with me.  


1:1 Coaching

Artists who have a clear goal and work best with one on one support and accountability will thrive hiring me as your coach.  I specialize in helping multi-passionate artists at the beginnings of their careers. We work on clearly defining your vision, setting short-term goals, deciding where more training or education needs to happen, and having sessions every two weeks or so setting actions each session.  Click here to schedule a free coaching session so we can get to know each other and see if we are a good fit!  Currently, there are only 2 spots available to work 1:1 with me.  This coaching package includes 12 sessions with me (plus bonus programs based on your career goals) for $2500 or 9 payments of $297.


Free Facebook Group for Artists!

Shortcuts in the Studio is my free Facebook group for artists.  I offer free workshops, class previews, tips, challenges, and FB Live Q&A sessions all with the focus on improving your art-making practice. 

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Sunday Artist Mastermind

Ever wish you could get together with a small group of artists for support and accountability?  If you're not ready to sign up for 1:1 coaching, the Sunday Artist Mastermind is the next best thing!  We meet 2x per month live on Zoom.us and do a round-robin style coaching session.  We talk about what's working, what isn't working and commit to actions to take between sessions.  Each artist gets about 10 minutes of direct coaching and also support from the other artists in the group.  I've been a part of a couple of different masterminds over the last year or two and my favorite part is to listen to the other women being coached.  There is so much to learn and everyone is at a different stage.  

We are currently in a 6-month session of the Sunday Artist Mastermind and meet at 6pm PST, two times per month.  The cost is $50/month (your cost will be pro-rated depending on when you start the group) and also includes 2 free months of the Get to the Art Crit Club (coming soon!).  Email me at info@gettotheart.com if you are interested in joining the mastermind.