Make art. Make money. Level up with ease.

Business Coaching for multi-passionate artists who want support and accountability!


Are you ready to invest in yourself? Probably, if you can relate to the following:

  • You're an artist early in your career or coming back to your art after an absence.

  • You want to create a business that will bring in consistent income.

  • You're in need of accountability, support, and a safe space to act on your wildest dreams.

  • You're ready to identify and glide past the roadblocks in your current path.

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“Since finding Kristina, I have gone from having muddled ideas, to feeling confident. All the tech stuff doesn't overwhelm me anymore as I can get help whenever I need it. "

- Theresa Miers


“I remember my first one-on-one call with Kristina. She absolutely got me; understood my fears, my goals, my waffling that I could do this! And from that day on, I committed to myself and my art.”

- Sarah Danby


"Kristina has such a knowledgeable and encouraging approach. I worked with Kristina while getting ready to paint at a large event. She guided me through creative overwhelm and helped me to focus on the aspects of this challenge that were going to help me grow and develop as an artist. Helping me along the way, I knew I could count on her whenever I needed a motivational pick me up or a reminder me to be confident in my work.."

- Desiree Sanchez


Business Coaching Packages

1:1 coaching packages:

3 months 6 months
$900 $1800

{Payment plans available}

What you can expect:

  • One-hour sessions with me twice a month

  • Messenger and email access to me 7 days a week

  • Gain clarity around your artistic goals and vision

  • The accountability to follow through with your actions

  • Help in putting together simple marketing strategies

  • Assemble an income plan that meets your financial goals

  • Brainstorm your creative product ideas

  • Achieve your goal of consistent income in the quickest and most efficient way possible

If this sounds ideal to you, I offer a free introductory coaching session
to explore if we might be a good fit.


Meet Kristina Solheim: Artist & 
Business Coach


From motherhood to career, to grocery shopping and bill paying—and a trazillion things in between—despite our best efforts, making our art tends to get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.

I bet you can picture an evening just like this in your home: there you are hurrying through the house, wrangling someone or something, when you eye that pile of shiny new art supplies for that cool online class you signed up for…

...and then you sigh and make dinner, or help with homework, or take the dog for a walk, or any number of things you’ve gotta get done.

And on it goes, day after day as you slowly but surely multitask yourself away from this thing that you love.

If I were to win the lottery tomorrow, I would quit my job and stay home and concentrate on my art and my son.  I smile dreamily to myself when I think about this.  Then, reality creeps in.  I think about last Saturday—I had the time and freedom to do whatever I wanted.  Did I spend all my time making art? No. I snuggled with my son on the couch and read a book. I binge-watched Gilmore Girls while scrolling Facebook.  I watched cat videos.

And as much as I wish watching funny videos of kittens would help us become full time artists or start selling our art and bringing in extra income…the truth is: the only way for us to get to that future artist self we daydream about is to get to the art on a regular basis and start working now.

And that’s exactly what I help creative folks like artists and writers do. I work with smart, passionate, creative women who are feeling stuck, get to the art on a regular basis and grow their business into one that supports them with ease.  By wearing the hats of mentor, therapist, productivity guru, planner, cheerleader, and accountability partner I basically become the shortcut to becoming a successful, working artist.

Put another way, I become your art career bestie.   

How can I help you?

  • Clarity on the nitty-gritty steps to launch your business
  • Set up a sinfully simple social media strategy
  • Guidance on your brand
  • Set up a schedule that is perfect for where you are right now in your life
  • Design your first workshop or online course
  • Create your Patreon page
  • Get all the pesky technology to work together to move your business forward with ease
  • Something else....?

Here's the abridged version of how I got here...

In my 20’s, I worked at a university during the day, and wrote science fiction and explored altered art whenever I got a chance.  I ended up advising Ph.D. students and faculty for 7 years.  There, I found a passion and a talent for counseling smart, passionate, creative people on how to reach their goals.  I went on to have my son, and when the economy crashed, I switched careers to high tech and became a buyer.  Again, I found myself problem-solving and helping people (engineers) navigate systems and milestones in order to get things done. So now? I draw on my background in psychology and counseling, my years of advising students, and my own 20 years as a mixed-media artist to connect with amazing women and help them take their art seriously and become working artists.