I'm so excited to launch Get to the Art!

You might ask, why do you want to do life coaching for artists?  I believe my calling is to use my skills & experience, as well as my passion for mixed-media art to help artists and writers work through obstacles to produce something every day.  Coaching will help you grow self-awareness and set up routines and good habits.  The goal is to develop skills for overcoming fear, staying organized, and meeting your goals. 

I've made a list of 30+ issues (without even digging too deep) that have made it difficult for me to grow as a mixed-media artist and I'm sure one or more of these issues will strike a chord with you. 

I will also post regularly to Instagram: GettotheArt. I'll write about the week's theme, books I'm reading, creativity exercises, and throw the spotlight on working artists.  Please feel free to use our community hashtag #GettotheArt if you want to tag your work.

Thank you for taking a peek at my new website and I hope you make time today to Get to the Art! 

Kristina Solheim