So you're working on your art style?  I think this is something that never ends for artists.  We're always striving for something new to help us express our emotions.  I know of a couple of things that help:

  1. Practice, practice & more practice! Your skills will increase and making art will get easier the more you make art.  Aim for quantity over perfection! 
  2. Copying master artists. Try a class like Studying Under the Masters (Jeanne Oliver) or Let's Face It (Kara Bullock Art).  You'll get some historical understanding of amazing artists plus the very act of copying a piece will teach you mountains about how to refine your art skills.
  3. Working in a series.  Have you ever created a series or collection?  Where one or two pieces form a foundation for a larger group of paintings to be created around a common theme or concept?  If you are interested in this idea, click here for a sneak peek of my next program!