So your biggest goal right now is to become a full-time artist?  That's so cool! Congrats on being ready to make that step!

How is your vision of your future?  If you can breathe/feel/see/smell being a full-time artist, you are ready!  If your vision is a little fuzzy, start working on it!  Take time to do some visualizations.  The more real you can make your goal, the more easily you will work to reach that goal.  If that vision is clear, take a look at the following questions and set your goals.

  1. Are you working a 9-5 job?  What needs to happen in order to quit?  
  2. Do you have a partner or someone else who would be directly affected by you becoming a full-time artist?  Have you had a conversation yet?  What kind of support do you have?
  3. What physical space/supplies do you need?  Do you need a different studio space?  Do you know you work better outside your home and can rent a studio?  Do you need to start buying art supplies wholesale? Do you need a cheap source for substrates?
  4. Do you need to set up your business?  What legal requirements exist in your city and state?  What sort of taxes do you need to collect and pay? Do you need to set up your business bank account and Paypal, Stripe & Square?