So you are concentrating on making art more regularly?  There are a few things you can do to make progress on this goal.

  • Schedule time.  Pick an easy goal first- making art once per week.  Put it on your calendar or put a note somewhere where you see it every day.  Once you get on a roll, try for 2x per week or a longer stretch of time.  
  • Tweak your mindset.  Small shifts in the way you think about your art practice can really help.  Decide on an intention you can repeat to yourself daily or do a mindfulness exercise and work on becoming the artist you are working to be.  
  • Set a priority for your art.  My favorite tip is to change from saying "I don't have time to.... " when it comes to things you need to do, to saying "It's not a priority to..."  Shifting that language will eliminate the anxiety and help you feel in your gut exactly what has priority on your time.  Where does art-making fall on your list of priorities?