So your biggest struggle right now is about marketing your art? This is a very, very important topic for self-employed artists!  If you don't have your "tribe," who will you sell to? 

You need a content marketing strategy.  If that sounds like a foreign language to you, there are lots of resources for you to get started.  Some topics to explore:

  1. Start with one platform.  What's your favorite social media platform? Whichever it is, make sure you have a business account.  They are free on Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram. 
  2. Take a closer look at what other people are doing.  Who is your favorite artist that you follow on social media?  Go look at their feed.  Make some notes about things that pop up- colors, types of photos, style of pictures of their art pieces, how often they post, etc.
  3. Take part in a free challenge.  There are lots of challenges specific to the social media platform you chose.  If you have trouble finding one to do, shoot me an email at
  4. Take a business class.  Artists like Ivy Newport, Megan Auman (referral discount: CreativeLive), Jeanne Oliver, Alena Hennessy, and Kara Bullock offer online creative business classes.  
  5. Don't worry about a website.  Launching a website can be daunting to the most techy person and deflate the sales of artists quickly.  If you focus on one social media account, you can get going.