Since you clicked on this link, you know that you need an audience, to gather your tribe.  You're smart.  There's no way to sell your art if you don't have an audience and it's highly unlikely to bring in consistent income from selling your art if you don't gather your tribe.  Your tribe includes people who connect with you and your style and love everything you put out. Your tribe will make multiple purchases and refer you to their friends.  This is who you want to have around you!

Here are some ways to get started intentionally building your tribe:

  1. Be consistent on social media.  Platform (pick your favorite), brand (create a moodboard with colors and fonts), content (post daily on your favorite platform).
  2. Be genuine, vulnerable, authentically you.  People buy art because they connect with the artist's story.  Make a plan to share little stories of your life and behind-the-scenes photos on your social media and to your email list.
  3. Start building an email list.  If you haven't yet, sign up for a free account with MailChimp and start your email list.  First, email your family and friends directly and ask if you can add them to your list (it's illegal to add someone to your list without their permission). Second, offer a freebie for anyone who gives you permission to email them.  The freebie could be as small as a smart phone wallpaper of your art, or as big as a free mini-course with some sort of art technique.  Make sure it is directly related to you and the brand you are building.
  4. Be visible.  People want to connect with you.  They want to hear your stories.  They want to see your studiospace.  They want to know what inspires you.  They want to see your face.  I know it's hard, but find a way to post pics of yourself occasionally on your social media.  This can be as simple as a photo of your hands or a pic from behind of you working on a piece.